Voces del Valle

Voces del Valle is a Mariachi program that is currently offered at the high school but will soon be transferring to Canyon Middle School in the following school year, same time, different place. The program has changed severely in the years since its first started with many new things being offered.

With the Mariachi program, students are given the opportunity to sing songs in Spanish and play any traditional musical instrument they would like, there are five instruments from which they can choose from. The program also offers advanced levels and allows students to play more difficult music pieces.

There is so much more that the program has yet to offer.

“This year was the first time we had the homework assistance, so an hour before rehearsal began we had high school and middle school students come in to assist with homework, so it’s kind of like a one stop shop, come and get  some homework help, have some food, and your rehearsal,” said the Director of Student Services Jim Kentris.

There are so many great things that come with the program, and all you have to do is be in third grade, at the very least, and the program continues all the way up to 12th grade. It is such an amazing program that is offered for free to anyone who joined. Instruments are lent to the student.

“I think the fact that we allowed students to select their instrument and try it out was really important because I think we need to do more and more to allow students choices in just about everything, ” said superintendent Parvin Ahmadi.

Not only does the program offer so many things to the students, but also to the parents. During the two hours in class, they go to the library and discuss or bring  in people to tell parents about things like colleges and the dangers of vaping as well as just get feedback on everything.

“We want to make sure we have opportunities to provide parents with things they’ll find engaging and enriching as well, one other thing you were also talking about, additional student supports,” said Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services Jason Reiman.

It is incredibly important to be able to offer these kinds of programs so that the students grow as individuals and become better-balanced. At the end of the year, all their hard work is demonstrated through a recital where they sing and play their instruments as a group.

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