CVHS Robotics club

Curious about a career involving engineering? Love programming robots to smash stuff up? Looking to join a club that’ll look good for college applications? Have a love for bad puns? Then, the CVHS Robotics Club is just right for you.

Robotics Club takes pride in undertaking many challenging projects every Thursday after school. These projects so far include programming codes using a variety of computer languages, going on tech-themed field trips, and forming unique teams to design robots for sporting competitions that include tasks and prizes. These projects do not only strengthen members’ knowledge of engineering and coding but also build teamwork and dedication, as each member is required to put in their share of the work in order to achieve victory as a team.

The recently upcoming project features the battle of three uniquely designed robots: Hammerbot, Jessi, and Anteloper, which are engineered by three teams in order to battle it out in an obstacle arena. The project took numerous hours of dedication as teams had to brainstorm the structure of their robots from scratch, build their robots with metal rods, nuts, and volts, attach the motors and batteries, program the instructions into the robot for maneuvering, and come up with strategies to win. The losing team, as a punishment, will have to buy the winning team ice cream.  

Apart from educational projects, Robotics Club goes on numerous festivals and field trips. After every meetings on Thursday, the members of the club grab food at local restaurants around the village, which can include Chipotle, Habit, I-Tea, or Milk Cow. They use this time to hang out, socialize, and discuss details and meeting dates about their projects. Once or twice a month, public relations officer Stephanie Thach organizes a club outing to festivals, carnivals or theme parks which takes place on the weekends. These outings have included trips to the Facebook festival, the Southland carnival, and a Stoneridge shopping spree.

“Robotics Club is awesome because people are welcoming even to the newbies and all the members are like family here,” said Thach. “Next year we’re planning on going to even more bonding trips to festivals and events all throughout the Bay Area. All members are invited and anyone can have a great time, there is always delicious food and fun events.”

Led by President Sofia Ravina and Vice President Nicole Yu and assisted by hach in room 409, the club is full of unique and vibrant members who form tightly-knit communities. If you’re looking to improve your STEM skills, or learn how to code or are simply searching for like-minded peers, perhaps Robotics Club is the place for you.

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