Schedule changes starting fall of 2019

Upcoming school years may see major changes including a week-earlier start in August, combined lunch every day, and tutorial periods. Many students are bound to have questions, so here are the must-know facts for the upcoming schedule changes in the upcoming school years.

The primary and perhaps the biggest alteration to the school year schedule is the fact that starting from fall of 2019, the school year is expected to start a week earlier than usual, meaning school will begin during on Aug. 13. If the school year starts earlier, it will end a week earlier than other previous years.

This adjustment was made due to the numerous complaints about finals being taken after the two week winter break, instead of before it. Some students claimed that taking finals before the winter break actually undermines their performance, as students often forget what they have been taught prior to the break. Many others claimed that having the finals right after winter break is too much pressure and prevents students from truly enjoying their time off. However, others claim that a two week gap between finals allow for students to prep for finals and ease the immediate pressure.

School administrators considered a later daily start and finish of the school day but decided instead to stay close to the current times. But next year will probably see a seven minute passing period, and combined lunch every day. Students will be given the option to express their opinion at the end of the school year whether they like the change or not.

“Leave my breaks alone!” replied junior Ying Gao, when asked how she felt about the upcoming schedule changes. Like Gao, many students are advocating against the upcoming schedule changes as numerous students complained, especially in response to the change of combined lunch every day. However, due to combined lunch being the key factor to the schedule change, it is likely that it’ll be implemented despite the complaints.

Another major change is the insertion of a tutorial period on a trial basis in the fall and then twice a week throughout the spring.

“So basically what a tutorial period does is, it allows for students to catch up in classes that they may be lacking or need help in. For example on block days (theoretically) school will end at 3 p.m. instead of 2:30 p.m. adding the extra 30 minutes for the tutorial period which can be used to catch up for classes or make up work,” explained Gisela Sandoval, a counselor at CVHS.

“Nothing is yet decided,” stated Assistant Principal Nicholas McMaster when questioned about the schedule changes. “There were a lot of new ideas and we’ve been constructing the schedule, patching it then reconstructing it. We’re working extremely hard to come up with a schedule that’ll satisfy majority of the students.”   

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