New soccer coach kicks girls soccer team into action

The CVHS girls soccer team has a new member in its 2015-16 season. A coach for a team must have the will, drive, and passion for the sport. Lauren Nadler has all of these traits and more.

The Trojans’ new coach has the drive and passion to lead the team through any challenges and triumphs to come. Nadler has been playing soccer since age six and competed throughout college in Boston. She has been coaching college soccer for seven years, and high school for two.

Nadler has previous ties to CVHS and was happy to see an opening in the school. She previously coached against with Alameda.

“Castro Valley was a strong team that we used to play against in the league, so when I saw the opening, I was definitely excited to come over,” says Nadler.  

Nadler is already facing challenges with this new season.

“There is definitely an abundance of talent, we had 72 people come to try out for two teams, but it’s a great problem to have,” Nadler said.  

With a large group athletes wishing to try out, there will be many difficult decisions to create the final picks.

“It’s always hard, hard on the players and on the coaches as well,” said Nadler.

Nadler has a strong passion for soccer and loves what she does. “I love the creativity of it. It’s always been an ever changing game,” claims Nadler.

With the new season now approaching, Nadler has a positive and energetic outlook. Her plans for this season are “to keep working hard, learning, and at every practice strive to get better.”

“I think she’ll be a great addition to our teams and will be a great coach,” said junior Brooke Spring.

Nadler is a coach with passion for the game and is excited to have an opportunity to teach. We look forward to a wonderful future with Nadler and wish our coach and team a successful and fun-filled season.

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