ASL students take a trip to the California School for the Deaf

On Veterans Day, the ASL students decided to visit the California School for the Deaf (CSD) during their annual Open House to culturally immerse themselves in the language they have studied and admired.

Students who decide to learn a language are sometimes given the opportunity throughout the school year to take a field trip to a place representative of their chosen language. CSD is important to ASL students, as it is the only field trip available to them.

Former ASL teacher Ovida de Julia highly recommended the trip. Since Mary Ruth Summers has begun teaching ASL at CVHS, she too says that CSD is an important trip to make for students learning ASL.

“I remember the first time I visited,” sophomore Amelia Devany remarked. “I was so nervous and yet so excited, it was the first time I ever interacted with deaf people. I was so scared of being judged but the people there were just so nice!”

Many students of ASL commented on the kind of people they encountered whenever visiting CSD and the differences between CSD and CVHS.

“It’s different, because everyone knows everyone, and they all act like they’re a family,” said sophomore Tamia Allen-Rodrigues.

Though CVHS is striving for Trojan Togetherness, it seems as if we’re no match against CSD and how close-knit the students and staff are. Some of the ASL students were kind enough to share their favorite part of attending the Open House.

“My favorite part is that you are able to see how they are different from the hearing world,” commented Allen-Rodrigues.

“My favorite part is seeing all the guest speakers talking on various topics in the Klopping Theater,” Devany answered.

Among those topics and speakers featured at Klopping were “CSD in the Spotlight,” “What we can learn from Deaf mothers reading with their Deaf children” presented by Dr. Michele Berke, “Language-Rich Community” presented by Tawn Holmes, a CSD Student Panel featuring various students from the school, “Deaf Culture” presented by Dr. Thomas Holcomb, and a “Deaf Business Panel.”

When asked about their least favorite part of visiting CSD, both students informed that there was no least favorite part. Both also shared their fond memories they had of CSD.

“Memories I have is being with my ASL classmates and be able to see the way they live and how we live in our element,” Allen-Rodrigues fondly remembered.

“I’ll never forget how the little kids signed to a song the first time I visited CSD. It was so sweet and pure. Yet I was jealous at the same time that they knew how to sign more than me,” Devany said with a smile.

The trip to CSD will not only be seen as a continuously important trip to ASL students, but also a special moment and initiation that they will carry on for the rest of their time at CVHS.

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