Words of advice from CVHS teachers

Getting to know teachers on a personal level is something not many students can relate to or say that they have experienced. There are some teachers we get along with better than others, but would this change if we got to know another side of all our teachers? I can imagine many people would say no thanks, however after I asked a few of my teachers a personal question, it didn’t seem like that bad of an idea. It is important to remember that every teacher has gone to high school and has had regrets and mistakes. Well, what are they? What do teachers wish they knew in high school?

Every teacher’s response varies, some encouraging students to work harder, and others advising to not try so hard and put so much stress on ourselves. Some teachers are more open where others wary of what they’re saying to their students. However, all teachers responded with honest and influential advice.  

Spanish teacher Jared Cavaness wished he had known not to care about what other people think.

“If every day you’re not being who you truly are and following your passion, you’re losing days of your life,” he said. Cavaness wished he pursued what he was really interested in, instead of caring what other people thought about it.

“I wish I had challenged myself more so I could have become a better thinker sooner,” said librarian Kathy Clarke.

On the other hand, history teacher, Kevin Batchelor wished he hadn’t tried as hard in school.

“Focus on things that actually intrigue you, and don’t take a bunch of AP classes that you’re not interested in,” he said.

Science teacher Christopher Bing wished he had known how to be a more rounded person.

“I just focused on school and missed out on joining clubs and sports,” he said.

Bing advises to give equal weight on things other than just academics, because your whole high school experience is important.

After taking into account all of the advice my teachers had to say, I gathered that being a diligent person with a passion to succeed in what one enjoys is what will produce a positive high school experience. But no matter what advice we take, it is inevitable that there will be mistakes and regrets down the line. The important thing is that we enjoy the journey and make the most of it.

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