Fall in love with The Boy Friend

Four CVHS students perform a scene with lots of emotion.
Jessica Ramirez, Taylor Wade, Grace Hancock, and Sophia Delucchi (left to right) perform a scene with lots of emotion.

With glitz, glamour, giggles, and gossip, The Boy Friend is sure to please. The parodic musical is set in the roaring 20’s and begins with Polly, a sweet, innocent, and rich character played by senior Taylor Wade. The story begins when Polly tells her friends about a made up boyfriend.

“I love how sweet Polly is, she definitely brings out a better side of me,” said Wade.

After Polly meets Tony, an endearing and affectionate character played by junior Christopher Ma, they are instantly attracted to each other. However troubles come their way when the truth unfolds and miscommunications happen. From there, an endearing and quirky show blossoms with flecks of humor, romance, and fun, with elaborate dances numbers and amusing songs.

The Boy Friend  is a musical  that features an extraordinary amount of wonderfully talented actors,” said David Judson, the co-director of musical. This famous musical first premiered in London in 1953, directed by

Sandy Wilson, with it’s original production having been played over 2,078 times. This musical is perfect for those who love a good laugh, or an endearing romance between two lively characters while watching other characters have stories of their own.

“My favorite thing about the characters is that they’re stereotypical yet funny,” said Carly Becerra, backstage manager.

With this performance, you are sure to fall in love with The Boy Friend, and can see it opening night, Dec. 4 through the 13, on Saturdays and Fridays from 7 p.m,  or  Sunday matinees  at 2 p.m.

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