UNICEF saves lives with Tap Project

When asked by a waiter what you’d like to drink at a restaurant, a common answer is “water.” Yes, it’s plain and colorless, but we’re content since the it doesn’t dent our wallets. We all know that tap water doesn’t cost a cent at restaurants, but what if it you start getting charged for it?

Now don’t get those panties in a twist just yet, or start second-guessing your choice of beverage the next time you go dine out. What if you knew that the money you’re paying for that free drink is being sent to provide children in developing countries drinkable water that they normally don’t have access to?

That’s the golden question the CVHS United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Club is asking you with their annual Tap Project.

“Every day, 4,100 children die of water-related diseases that can be easily prevented by drinking clean water,” said President Sarah Kim. “Additionally, 900 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. The Tap Project aims to reduce both numbers by providing clean and accessible water around the world. As the Tap Project is one of UNICEF’s main campaigns, the club is heavily involved.”

When asked about the significance of the Tap Project and his feelings towards the cause, Darence Lim, vice president of the club, answered by saying, “By participating in the Tap Project, we are helping disadvantaged children around the world receive more and better water supply. The Tap Project is a great way to help children in need while enjoying a good dining experience!”

“I think the Tap Project is a powerful campaign that people can easily support. By donating just $1, a person can provide a child with safe water for 40 days,” Kim added.

The Tap Project is not only inspirational; it’s becoming life changing. When can you get involved to be a part of this nationwide event?

“During Water Week,” Lim said. “Water Week is from March 19-25, and is the time period when you can participate in the Tap Project. You can be a part of the Tap Project by ordering and paying the small price for tap water.”

“The CVHS UNICEF Club has recruited Genghix to become a part of the Tap Project. Some local restaurants that are also participating in the campaign include Knudsen’s Ice Creamery and Yankee Pier,” Kim commented.

Guess there’s only one question left to ask: are you willing to take that extra step and pinch towards helping a good cause, making a difference, and possibly saving a life?

For other participating restaurants involved with the Tap Project, visit the following link: http://www.tapproject.org/restaurants/.

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