2012 Pops concert a “must-see”

Audiences walked away happily ever after at the end of CVHS Pops “It’s a Fairytale Life” this year, after the choir put on another fabulous show to entertain CVHS families and friends. Students worked especially hard this year to put on a show worth watching, and especially worth listening to.

With 22 Disney-based songs, and choreographed dances, this year’s show was a must-see.

“It was a lot of work, but this year was good, and I enjoyed it,” said freshman Chloe Billings.

The tale starts when Princess Adelaide feels the need to experience life away from her castle walls, shivering at the thought of having to go to another royal ball. But she gets no pity from her peasant servants, who only dream of living like a princess, so she runs away from home to find that she must rule the castle and stay with her parents. She promises to change the kingdom, so everyone will be able to live equally.

About 160 students put in many long hours of their free time to produce the show.

“Pops is a lot of fun, and I really encourage people to do it because it’s a fun show, and a lot of hard work goes into it,” said Kayla Cunningham.

While the princess is away, the poor dishwasher Peter falls madly in love with another servant girl, Hazel, only to find that she has no feelings for him at all. But the narrator, a fairy godmother character, turns Peter into a hero that Hazel cannot deny.

The choir felt this year was fun and refreshing for the annual Pops concert, having new dances like the graceful movements of the princess played by Jamie Thomas, or the energetic breakdancing during the Tron scene.

“It was really interesting,” said Johnna Murch, narrator and singer for the fairytale.  “I’ve never worked with a cast this large before, but I got to know a lot of people and it was worth it.”

Besides working all day for the show, the students then come home and try to accomplish all the work they had missed that day.

“My grade is definitely hurting,” said freshman Maya Para. “It’s hard work.”

After watching the show, I liked it enough to return a second time to see Castro Valley’s finest singers and dancers during this year of Pops.

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