CVHS students advance to next round in Quiz Kids

Not everyone gets the chance to be televised, but CVHS’s very own students’ new episode of Quiz Kids aired on Saturday, Feb. 25.

“I’ve always wanted to be on TV so I can check that off my bucket list,” said senior Bright Zhou, the leader of the Quiz Kids group.

For those who do not know, Quiz Kids is a Bay Area sponsored televised tournament that takes school teams to compete on trivia from all subjects.

The previous episode of Quiz Kids with CVHS’s students aired on Jan. 13.  The team, which consisted of seniors Seamus Guerin, Zhou, and Travis Mattas, competed against the Crystal Springs Gryphons but were sadly defeated.

The new episode’s Quiz Kids team consisted of seniors Zhou, Mattas, and Holden Parks, who was absent the previous round due to a basketball game. They competed against a team from Menlo-Atherton High School and won after an intense last round.

“I feel like a boss,” said Mattas when asked how it felt to win.

Quiz Kids originally had 24 teams competing for the championship and, as the tournament continues, the matches each team wins determine if they make it to the next round.  The CVHS team’s most recent victory was in the third round.  They will need to compete and win three more rounds to qualify for the championship.  If they win, they earn a free trip to Europe.

“I love doing Quiz Kids because it validates all the time I spend studying,” said Mattas.

Every Thursday at lunch, the team meets in history teacher Gerry Cox’s room in 100 hall to practice.  With the combined effort of Cox and science teacher Deborah Yager, the team practices mock tournaments and studies from question packets.  They even meet outside of school to gain extra practice in order to prepare for their competitions.

Throughout this entire process, the team has grown close.

“They are two of the smartest people I will ever meet in my life and they inspire me every day,” Mattas said.

Likewise, Zhou is “really glad they are on my team.  These people are incredibly smart.  It humbles me to be able to play with Travis and Holden because they know so much about everything.”

Since the team is composed of all seniors, the students are starting to recruit for next year’s team by holding a small CVHS competition between some of the AP teachers and the students in hopes of spreading awareness of Quiz Kids.

“I want them to work hard, study hard, form a team early and before they know it, the girls will be all over them,” said Mattas.

The team will be filming their next episode on Sunday, Feb. 26 in San Carlos.  Good luck Trojans!

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  • March 27, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    That’s Awesome! Kids really love playing happiness quiz to get their chance in the T.V shows. Best of luck for your kids next time, Cheers!

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