A night to remember: Junior Prom

It can arguably be called one of the biggest nights of a teenager’s life: the 2012 Junior Prom, held in the gorgeous Casa Real in Pleasanton, was, in a few words, exciting, lively, and heart-racing. From the pre-dinners and gatherings to the after-parties lasting long into the night, the entire day was one that the junior class and its guests will look back on and remember, whether it be with fondness or disdain. Nevertheless, it was a night often repeated.

As if the place itself wasn’t already like a fairytale setting, with its Mediterranean-style architecture and inviting atmosphere, there was an exciting number of amenities. Refreshments included an ice cream bar that was free and open to everyone, a bar (complete with bartenders!) filled with soda and juice, and, the huge favorite among the students, the chocolate fondue fountain. There was even a quirky ice sculpture carved into the signature CVHS Trojan head that students were able to put their drinks through and watch as they poured into their cups below.

While all of these things definitely did help make the night more memorable, it can be said that students will remember how much money they spent.

Junior Starla House had no regrets over how much she spent for the night. “I spent about $250, excluding the prom ticket,” House said.

Some would say that spending that much is an affordable, good amount, yet much lower compared to how much other girls spent. However, students did also attempt to save money by borrowing.

Junior Kelsey Wood spent about the same amount, yet she borrowed a friend’s dress, shoes, and jewelry.

“It definitely spent me a lot of stress, time, and money,” she said.

When calculating the cost of everything else she had to pay for, such as her bus fee, nails, hair, makeup, dinner, corsage, and clutch, she came upon the conclusion that she spent a fair amount.

“I think it was reasonable. Even though everything else was expensive, I believe it’s basically mandatory for prom – it is a huge high school landmark, after all!” said Wood.  She added, “It was totally worth it for the pictures and memories.”

While there are students who wished they had spent less, junior Jack Zhao said he wished he had spent more. “I spent a little under $600. All my other friends rented or borrowed suits, but I bought mine. I wanted to spend more for a Burberry tie, but I can only afford so many designer items.”

Despite all of these grand costs, the students did choose to spend as much money as they did. The good thing is that no one regretted any grand totals. The bad thing is that students could possibly look back on the night in the future and groan as they remember three-digit numbers.

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