CVHS goes green for Earth Day

The CVHS leadership class put its effort into the school garden on April 30 to celebrate and raise awareness of Earth Day. Students and staff were invited to school to take care of the garden and and clean up the school area.
“Not many students even know that we had a garden and through the help of students and members of our community,” said leadership coordinator Nicholas Whitaker, “I think we took a huge step towards making the garden a place where we can truly appreciate our efforts and our earth.”
For this event, there was a lot of support to pull out for this project.  English teacher Michelle Trueblood deserves the most praise for the gardening as she put her own efforts in. She was the one who helped out with most of the gardening when students were not able to show up.
“The event went so well,” said junior Breana Lastiri.  “We had a large amount of people and everyone had a good time. The garden looks beautiful.”
As the leadership class extends their effort each year, they are planning to include more students and more members of the community to do e-waste drop-off, environmental education, and more.

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