CVHS implements new counseling system

CVHS has implemented a new counseling system for the 2011-2012 school year. Rather than being assigned to a portion of a certain class, counselors are now assigned by students’ last names.Along with the counseling change, house secretaries and assistant principals have also been reassigned. House 1 AP and secretary are, respectively, Jesse Woodward and Lisa Nicholson, House 2, Jason Whiteman and JoAnn Sears, and House 3, Lorrie Barrera and Rosalyn Esmeyer.

“I know that for a lot of students, making the transition to a new counselor can be bumpy, but ultimately, I think they’ll be in good hands with their new counselor,” said House 3 counselor Duane Magno.

The new counseling arrangement was decided upon with the arrival of a new principal. Former Principal Pete Alvarez assigned specialized counselors to a few groups of students with specialized educational plans, such as students with 504 plans or who risked not being able to graduate because of their units.

The rest of the counselors needed to divide the rest of the students. There is a mandatory 425-1 student-counselor ratio that needed to be followed, but some counselors were assigned well over 500 students. Thus the new counseling system was implemented..

“I kept my counselor so I’m a happy camper,” said senior Amanda Young. “It’s rough though, getting a new counselor, because you’ve known them for [potentially] three years.”

Several years back, before a series of budget cuts, CVHS could afford two counselors per grade level. With only seven counselors now, the most efficient way to divide students is by last name.

“Although I’m sad to lose so many students that I’ve worked with for a number of years, I’m excited and looking forward to working with a whole new group of students,” said Magno.

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