Pops show is “Off The Hook”


Who uses their phone in class? What would you sing if you got an assignment to sing and dance about the telephone? Gleeks assemble!

CVHS successfully presented this year’s Pops Concert “Off the Hook” from Feb. 10-12.

The show was all about the telephone, from its history to the banana phone to the iPhone featured by students’ choreography and student directors.

“It was a show that had something for all ages, musically speaking, since the music spanned a period of time from the 1940s to present day,” explained choir teacher  Sue Susoeff.  “It had a lot of variety and, although, the main focus was the music, it included dancing, comedy, and was even educational as well.”

The musical contained various songs and dances related to the topic of telephones. Each of the performances featured the students’ hard work. The student dancers  in “Hotline” and “Telephone” performances especially blew the audience’s mind.

“It was a really great opportunity to grow even more as an actress. I had a great time getting into the teacher role, and now everybody keeps calling me Mrs. Morrison!” said senior Kayla Steinorth who played Mrs. Morrison in the show. “ At first, it was a little hard to do the whole teacher thing. I realized it’s a lot harder to be mean than you’d think!”

During school days, choir students had to manage their time wisely to practice and keep up with their grades.

“Everyone sang and danced their hearts out and we put together an amazing show,” said senior Alex Bau, one of the student directors, known for his performance in “Banana Phone.”

“We were given a very short amount of time to put together the concert and that meant that we had quite a few late night rehearsals. But it was definitely all worth it,” continued Bau.

Bau, junior Anna Balassone,  and other performers picked “Count On Me,” featuring the special instrument iPhone as their favorite performance.

“The song basically sums up how close all of the members of Pops have become throughout the process,” said Balassone.

“It kind of makes us wonder, are real instruments eventually going to be replaced by apps on an electronic device?” added Suseoff  about the iPhone accompaniment,  as she’s sees the movement to musicians today to do more things with virtual instruments.

“I went through some troubles during props, but we are family and we pull it together. Pops Concert was one of the defining moment in high school,” said senior Jeremy Meza who worked behind the scenes.

Overall, the show was thoughtful and memorable entertainment from students who were inspired by telephones. This year again, CVHS students proved their talents successfully.


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