Matheney makes a difference

While CVHS students will be tanning at the beach, traveling the world, or relaxing at home, junior Lindsey Matheney will be in Kansas City, Missouri at the Juliette Low Girl Scout Camp.

The Juilette Low Girl Scout Camp is named after Juilette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, and is designed for girls ages 8-18 who have physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, polio, etc.

Lindsey Matheney will be working as a camp counselor, leading girls in activities like swimming, hiking, and more.

Located in Lake Jacomo, the Juliette Low Camp is specifically designed for children with physical handicaps. It contains pools, cabins, a dining hall, and more on its 40-acre campus.

As president of the Engineering and Robotics Club at CVHS and an avid member of 1868 Space Cookies (a Girl Scout robotics team that competes around the US), Matheney is excited to share robotics with other girls.

“I actually wanted to go to a camp in Alaska, but it seemed like an amazing experience at Juliette Low.

Since these kids can’t play physical sports, I thought if I could bring robotics and engineering, then they’d have an amazing experience,” said Matheney.

To become a camp counselor, Matheney had to write an application letter describing why she deserved to go to the camp and obtain two letters of recommendation.  After a long period of wait, she received her acceptance letter on Jan. 11.

“I was ecstatic that I received my acceptance letter.  I felt like I conquered the world. I was singing ‘I Feel Pretty’ from West Side Story and jumping around the house,” said Matheney.

Matheney will stay with a host family for three days in Kansas City before moving to the camp, where she will be from July 9-31.

“I’m very proud of Lindsey.  Watching her and the rest of our Girl Scout troop grow up has been an experience and joy,” said Berenice Sullivan, Matheney’s Girl Scout troop leader of 12 years.

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