Genghix: a classy place to eat

Eighteen years ago Chuen Lau opened the restaurant Genghix and since then it has only seen more and more success.

Three years ago the restaurant made the change from a buffet style to a cozy sit-down. Redoing the entire interior design to display Asian culture and reflect a classy atmosphere, Genghix has truly shown what a restaurant of that caliber is capable of. When you first open the large wooden doors to the restaurant you are immediately greeted by two large statues and an impressive wall filled with vintage wines.  Then you turn right and see the beautiful main dining room. It has picturesque lighting and soothing music constantly playing.

“We wanted to put everything on the menu, that’s why it’s called Asian fusion. We have Japanese, Thai, and Chinese,” explained manager Desmond Chin.

With such a diverse menu, there isn’t much you cannot find at Genghix.

One of the hidden features of Genghix is their VIP room. As you first enter, a wave of sheer awe washes over. The room is painted mostly gold and decorated with gorgeous glass sculptures. The room is reserved for parties and special occasions.

I know where I’ll be having my next birthday party.

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