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Rodrigo Stuns with ‘Vampire’

A gentle, melodic beat begins. A piano plays a rhythm comparable to what you may hear at a wedding, but the song itself is definitely not about love. As the words flow, you hear the emotion in the singer’s voice. The tempo picks up as the chorus begins, and the entirety of the song shifts into something more upbeat and loud. “Vampire,” by Olivia Rodrigo rocked Billboard’s Top 100, becoming number one upon its debut and making it her third number-one song overall.

The way the music itself was composed sounds very beautiful. Whether or not someone can directly relate to her experience, Rodrigo can still very much capture the emotions felt by people in their late teens to early 20s. In an inspiring way, she confronts all the bad she goes through, directly calling out those who hurt her and yet still being open about how she feels. The way she uses music as an outlet can encourage people to express themselves through other forms of art. Additionally, it’s also fun to blast her music in the car.

The song itself is mainly about betrayal and being taken advantage of, which is why the song has its name. Vampires prey on people and Rodrigo is applying that idea to her relationship. There is much speculation about who she’s alluding to, but just like most artists, the person of interest is unnamed. Furthermore, the song was her first release of the year, and the first since her first album. The drop has put her in the spotlight once again, nothing she’s not used to.

Rodrigo first blew up in 2021, with the release of  “Driver’s License.” It grew popular on TikTok and paved the way for the rest of her music career. Her where she was an actress on Disney Channel probably helped too. It set her up as being a more youthful musician, music referencing school trouble and lots of teen angst.

While most of the song implies a vampirical connection, the chorus features a direct comparison, “The way you sold me for parts, As you sunk your teeth into me, oh, Bloodsucker, Dream crusher, Bleedin’ me dry, like a goddamn vampire.”

As “Vampire” continues its popularity, fans are eagerly waiting for another album, and better yet, another tour. 

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