“True Beauty” brings on laughter and romance

Flooded with compliments as she enters school, Lim Ju-kyung is one of the most beautiful girls at Saebom High School. Surrounded by her friends and classmates, Lim lives the dream life of many teenagers. However, she has a secret no one at her school knows.

Based off the original webtoon by author Yaongyi, “True Beauty,” aired its 16 episodes from Dec. 9 to Feb. 4. The Korean drama features actors such as Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop. Episodes are available on the streaming site RakutenViki. 

Lim, played by Moon, comes home every day after a long day of school. As she prepares for bed, she wipes off all of the makeup on her face, continuing to live life as everyone is unaware of her two faces. After a few days of attending her new high school her secret is discovered by Lee Soo-ho, played by Cha, the smartest, coldest and most handsome boy at school. 

Lee promises to keep her secret and Lim continues to bump into him in countless awkward moments. The story starts to pick up when Han Seo-jun, played by Hwang, Lee’s old friend, comes into the picture. As Lim spends more time with both of them, they start developing feelings for her. But Lim doesn’t know who to choose! Team Soo-ho or team Seo-jun? 

This romantic comedy series is one of my personal favorites. It shows the struggles of a high school girl coming over her insecurities with her face, the dark moments of bullying from others and betrayal from friends. Even so, it highlights the life of a typical high school love triangle, with some of the funniest comedic tropes. 

My favorite moment from this series is when Lim auditions for her school talent show, not knowing she is actually performing in front of the staff at her school. The combination of the awkward situation and the reactions of the staff is something I could never forget.  

Nonetheless, this series is a rollercoaster. With one of the most catchy and heartwarming soundtracks, this Korean drama is filled with sad backstories, awkward moments, and heartfelt romance. “True Beauty” is definitely a drama to check out and talk about with others. Which team are they on, team Soo-ho or team Seo-jun?

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