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The Rise of Skywalker closes an epic saga

The iconic sound of the Star Wars theme plays in the background as the text scrolls across the screen one last time. The supreme leader Kylo Ren showed off his impressive fighting skills to open the movie, as protagonist Rey continues her jedi training. They confront one another throughout the film through lightsaber battles and communicating through the force. 

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” concluded the “Skywalker Saga” with the final part of the new trilogy. Episode nine brought back many characters from the previous installments and created stunning visuals for fight scenes and backgrounds. 

The movie opened to mixed reviews, though I believe the purpose of the film was to entertain and be a movie for Star Wars fans of all ages and not for critics. The movie had a lot of action, but blended comedic relief quite well with twists and turns throughout the movie. 

The relationship between the two main characters of Rey and Kylo Ren showed the growth of the two characters and the movie ended their stories but also left room for speculation and a possible return to the epic saga. 

Rumors have speculated that Disney director J.J. Abrams cut the movie short and left some of his ideas on the drawing board, but I still believe this movie was a great finale to the franchise.