“Insatiable” is Rude and Disrespectful

The Netflix show “Insatiable” starring Debby Ryan is extremely disrespectful towards women and is quite questionable on why it was even created. Within the first 15 minutes of watching the show, I was extremely outraged.

To start off, instead of including a plus size actress the producers had a skinny actress play the role. They put   her in a fat suit to represent a teenager’s journey being plus size. The suit was completely obvious and seemed quite ridiculous. Why couldn’t they hire someone who was more fit for the role?

After the main character Patty punches a homeless man in the face once  he tries to take her candy bar, the screen fades out and shows Patty thinner. As she walks around she is seen as beautiful, which never happened to her when she was plus size. This is an extremely horrible message to be sent to young girls who watch this show. It is telling them that if they do not completely fit into the small box society has created, then they are not beautiful and that they shouldn’t expect to be treated the same as someone who is skinny.

Another major issue in the show is the amount of white supremacy shown. As I watching the show I could actually count how many people of color there were, less than ten and none were a lead role. One of the African American characters took her boyfriend’s father up to her bedroom and started undressing in front of him. They gave her a role to try and make her look like a horrible person; no white person was given a role like that. The color representation in this show was extremely disappointing.

I cannot believe that in 2018 there is still a show that involves fat shaming and not giving equal roles to people of color. This is teaching young women that if they do not fit into a high standard of what this show tells them to be they are not beautiful. The show was highly disappointing and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it.

Rate: 0.5 out of 5.

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