Dirty Bird is the New Word

If you’re ever passing through downtown Hayward and want to try something unique, make sure to stop by Dirty Bird. Located on B Street just about a block down from the Century movie theater, you’ll find the lounge that is open to all ages up until 9 p.m.

It’s hard to have a good judgment of the place from the outside, but when you walk in through the large wooden walkway, you’ll be greeted by the friendly and welcoming staff. You head into the back where there’s a relaxed vibe that goes along well with the old rustic brick interior.

There is a bar for guests 21 and up, but for everyone else there are couches, wooden benches, and raised seats, all of which include tables where you can eat.

The menu consists of mainly street style spin offs of traditional plates such as flatbreads, chicken wings, nachos, sliders, spicy fried chicken, chimichurri steak, street tacos, and ancho shrimp. The flatbreads consist of classic pepperoni, combination, margherita, and chorizo and pear.

There’s also a variety of sliders which include steak fajita sliders, fried chicken sliders, and carnitas sliders. The majority of the menu ranges from around $9 to $15 with a few exceptions such as the cheaper items like fries and salad, and a couple items that go beyond that range like the chimichurri steak.

The atmosphere is a great fit for a night out, but is also family friendly. Since it’s only open until 9 p.m. for guests under 21, you could stop by and then head out to either watch a movie or go to the old school arcade, both located on the same street as Dirty Bird.

(3 stars out of 5).

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