New “Overboard” movie hits theaters

“Overboard,” directed by Rob Greenberg starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, is a remake of the original “Overboard” that was originally released in 1987.

The film starts off with Anna Faris who plays Kate. Kate is a struggling and busy mom who is trying to become a nurse while working two jobs. Her job includes being a carpet cleaner and delivering pizzas. There’s only a month until the big nurse test and Kate’s mom decides to follow her dream of being an actor, leaving her to take care of her girls all alone. She ends up having to go on a yacht to clean carpets for Leonard, played by actor Eugenio Derbez. He is a spoiled man from a family controlling one of the largest businesses in the world.

Kate is cleaning the carpets when Leonard asks her to bring him fruit. When she refuses he fires her, and she refuses to get off the yacht unless paid. He pushes her off and throws her expensive borrowed cleaning supplies off as well. He ends up falling off the boat drunk and landing on a beach with amnesia. His sister goes to identify the man who has no memory but realizes that she can just say it isn’t him and get to own the family business. She fakes his death when she comes home, saying he got eaten by a shark. Kate’s best friend and owner of the pizza place she works at tells her to pretend to be his wife. She does it and they end up falling in love only for him to find out the truth.

He leaves but Kate decides she loves him and he realizes the same. They then use a boat and honk the horn three times which was a story he told her with a deeper meaning. They then jump into the water, kiss, and she becomes a nurse after passing her test and he becomes the father of the girls. They end up selling the yacht which means they aren’t poor and have the wedding there.

The movie to me was overall a very enjoyable movie. I liked how since there was a Latino actor in the movie from Mexico, the filmmakers chose to have plenty of Spanish in it. I also liked how the characters reversed because in the 1987 version she is the rich one. Overall the movie was a good four out of five only because the ending was predictable and the originals are always better.

I recommend that people go out to watch the movie to see for themselves because everyone’s opinion is different and everyone has different taste.

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