Spirit squad hosts annual Mr. CV

The Spirit Squad boosters put on their annual Mr. CV show on Friday, May 11 in the cafeteria as a fundraiser. This is an annual pageant where a group of well-known senior boys display their talents and are judged by popular local alumni to win the title of Mr. CV.

Sponsored by Men’s Wearhouse in San Leandro, 12 senior boys competed to fill the audience with laughs, surprise, and emotion.The talent portion of the show included singers, a monologue, a pie eating contest, a Star Wars battle, and more.

Cheer and dance team members helped escort the contestants and some helped out choreograph the multiple dance numbers with and without the Mr. CV contestants. Other volunteers worked at the snack booth or helped sell tickets.

Emcees of the night were Shaelly Adams and Matt Betti, who kept the crowd entertained during all the transitions.

Five contestants qualified for the final round: Mo Dia, Chris Kusumonegoro, Peter Maina, Thomas Tran, and Kyle Estabillo. Questions were drawn by the emcees for the contestants to answer with pride.

Examples of these questions were, “What does winning Mr. CV represent to the school,” or “If you inherited a million dollars tomorrow what would you do?”

In a shock, the audience had to re-vote for People’s Choice due to not all contestants being listed during the first vote. Luckily the judges were still not done decided after the ten minute timer.

Finally, Carter Stambaugh was awarded People’s Choice as a crowd favorite with Cameron Brown as Mr. Congeniality for his positivity. Kusumonegoro was awarded first runner-up to his partner Mania was crowned as the 2018 Mr. CV.

Winning Mr. CV was an honor,” said winner Maina. “To represent the senior class as someone who cares about school spirit, diversity, and the interactions we all share felt  amazing.”

Mr. CV left the audience feeling positive and entertained by the senior boys, who also seemed to have enjoyed their time onstage and cherished their experience with each other.

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