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Valentine’s Day Dating Destinations

Valentine’s Day is coming up and couples are looking for a good place to take that special someone, but still within their budget.

Chabot Cinema in town is good place to go, with cheap movie tickets and good food that won’t break the bank. Before 6 p.m., tickets are $6 and anything after that is $8.50. It’s a small theater with only one movie room, so no arguing over which movie to watch.

If you and your date want a bite to eat after, Nation’s Giant Hamburgers is right up the street. It serves delicious food from breakfast to dinner, and is open until 1 a.m.. The menu has a few different burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and full hearty breakfasts. You can’t forget about the great American pies!

In the Castro Village there is Castro Village Bowl. It’s a fun place that has a cool atmosphere. Also, there is a snack bar with good food. This place is also fun with a group of friends or family.

So go have a good time with someone special right here in town.