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Watch out for wavy eyebrows

“I’m so wavy, I’m so wavy, I’m so wavy.” The chorus to Ty Dollla Sign’s song “Wavy” is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the current wavy- obsessed beauty trend. A brow pencil/pen/gel and concealer are used to overdraw and underdraw the brows to literally make them look like squiggly lines.

Similarly, lipstick, lip liner, and concealer are used to curvify the lines of the upper and lower lip. The look can also be created with washable glue, so you can easily go back to normal brows and lips if you decide the snake look isn’t for you.

Surfaced on Instagram, it has been increasingly trending with over 8,500 posts using the hashtag “wavybrows” and 450 using the hashtag “wavylips.” Whether anyone actually wears these looks outside of their bedrooms is questionable, but their popularity online is certainly unquestionable.

Why, just why? It seems as if beauty gurus have run out of things to do with their faces and have resorted to abstract art and snakes for inspiration. I feel that talented makeup artists are wasting their skills to achieve a look that a kindergartner could do with a crayon.

Snapchat, the image messaging mobile app, recently had a “wavy eyebrows filter” so its users could see themselves with the strangest beauty trend at the moment. Avid snapchatters did not hesitate to try the filter out and ridicule it. Having used the filter myself, all I can say is why? As a few Youtubers put it, this is one of those “what the-” trends that you hope will disappear soon.