Milkcow Cafe offers ice cream and moooore

With so many new chain restaurants opening up around Castro Valley recently such as iTea and T4, Milkcow Cafe does not escape that list. Opening up in early December of last year, it has been a major attraction of late. Since there are so many other places to go to get ice cream and hang out such as Loard’s or Ice Creamery, why is Milkcow Cafe a good place to go?

Located at 3223 Castro Valley Blvd, Milkcow Cafe offers fun and nice environment with an abundance of options for entertainment including board games, a TV, and a photobooth. The place is also clean, smells fresh, and has lots of chairs and tables for a longer stay. The decor is also nice with exotic plants and items such as cow-condiment containers to support the black and white painted walls, which contribute to an overall theme of cows.

When we’re talking about ice cream, Milkcow Cafe can offer a variety of choices ranging from classic milky way to the creative black pearl. According to customers, the best items on the menu are are the milky honey and the milky cube. One thing I liked about the ice cream is that it’s not too sweet and has a nice balance of cream, and my favorite item is the classic milky way, a vanilla ice cream with a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess.

In addition to ice cream, you can also get sweet snacks at Milkcow Cafe such as egg puffs, a waffle with spheres shaped like eggs, mochi, a sweet sticky rice paste, cotton candy, or tasty macarons. You can also use these snack items as toppings on your ice cream in addition to the many toppings already available. My favorite topping on my ice cream at Milkcow is cotton candy, an odd but creative choice.

Since Milkcow Cafe uses all natural milk, it’s healthier and tastier than regular ice cream. It also offers a unique environment that I have never seen in any other ice cream place in Castro Valley. Crowds were pleased when a Milkcow Cafe opened up in Castro Valley so they wouldn’t have to drive far to get a delicious treat.

Overall, Milkcow Cafe is definitely a good place to hang out with your friends after school, and you will most likely be pleased by the nice treats offered there!

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