“Gruesome Playground Injuries” slide to success

The Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy (CVDAA)  production of Gruesome Playground Injuries showed the true significance of live theatre as it captivated an audience with a two-person show depicting the story of an accident prone couple. The show was held on Jan. 21 at Canyon Middle School.   

The show was about a developing relationship between a girl named Kaileen and a boy named Doug. The story was told over the course of several time jumps in which the characters were introduced at several different ages leading up to adulthood. The play consisted of only two actors, junior Sarah Dove and senior John Hargrove.

The play begins in the school nurse’s office where the two protagonists meet at the age of eight. They reluctantly become best friends and, by the end of eight scenes, the characters are 38 and falling in love while dealing with other problems in life.

“My favorite part about this play was my character. I think it’s an amazing feeling when you feel what the character feels and you just really connect,” said Dove.

Hargrove’s character, Doug, is especially accident prone. He experiences several accidents which include getting struck by lightning, losing an eye, and knocking his own tooth out. Despite his constant injuries, he puts all effort into helping Kaileen who experiences severe depression throughout the play.

“My favorite part of being part of the production was being able to perform in a more intimate space alongside a phenomenal actress and amazing director. I got to work on my technique and feel a real sense of accomplishment,”  said Hargrove.

Overall, the performance was a major success. Proceeds from the full house of audience members and the silent auction before the show went to CVDAA.

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    I love this article. I really like the plot summary and the way the article was written!

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