Captain America returns in a civil war

Captain America: Civil War is spectacular. I’d go so far as to consider it one of the best Marvel Studios movies yet.

The film focuses on a new rivalry between Iron Man and Captain America after an unfortunate incident that makes the world look at the Avengers team in a different light, and causes many countries to create a plan that would allow them to control the team of heroes. Led by Captain America, one portion of the Avengers team wants the Avengers to continue fighting for humanity free of control, whereas the other group, led by Iron Man, believes that being watched over may be the best thing for them. This split eventually leads to conflict, and the Avengers, as you’ve probably guessed, begin their own Civil War.  

I have to say that my favorite thing about the movie was Spiderman. The actor who played Spider Man, Tom Holland, did an outstanding job because he perfectly imitates the nerdy kid that everyone envisions when they think of Peter Parker. The movie even threw in a Star Wars reference, with Spiderman recreating a famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Hulk wasn’t in this movie though, and I really wondered why. You’d think if there was going to be a massive battle between the divided Avengers that the Incredible Hulk would be there. Instead, they added Black Panther and Vision, who has the power of levitation and can walk through walls. He’s like a funny-looking modern-day Houdini, except with a cape and a jewel called a Mindstone on his forehead. He previously appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

All the other Avengers we know and love are in the movie, including Iron Man, Black Widow, The Falcon, and even Hawkeye. The movie overall is action-packed with some awesome fight scenes, fantastic special effects, and the occasional light comedy that we’ve come to expect from Marvel movies.




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