CVHS students give their opinion on the 2016 election

The 2016 presidential election has been full of surprises and unexpected results. It is a race like no other and as the top two nominees become more clear, now more than ever, people have expressed their views on who should be the next president of the United States of America.  

While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both race for the Democratic nomination, many people are shocked to see Donald Trump as the likely Republican presidential nominee. After Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race, Trump has shown more confidence than ever in winning the election and “making America great again.”

Even though many people are supporting Trump, the amount of hate that he receives has been more overwhelming than the other nominees running. With no political experience and a demonstration of “non-presidential” behavior, somehow Trump has still managed to win more Republican support than anyone else.

Clinton remains in the lead and will most likely be the Democratic choice. However Sanders has stuck close behind her throughout the race and has remained confident in receiving more votes from supporters. There is still possibly a chance for Sanders depending on how many states he will be able to win in the upcoming elections.

Based on a survey conducted on CVHS students,  54 percent prefer Sanders, 23 percent support Clinton, 14 percent want Trump and 9 percent would support someone else.

The survey does show the political trend of students in our area and gives an idea on how California may possibly vote in the election. Winning California would be huge and much needed for Sanders.

Although the survey was heavily in favor of Sanders, many students are also strong supporters of the other nominees.

“I think the presidential race will be close this year between Hillary and Trump,” said senior Elijah Warlich.

If Trump and Clinton do end up facing off for the final presidential vote, it will be a shocking race to the finish. Every aspect of the election has been surprising to people and whatever is to come in the upcoming months will be no exception.

There are many of us at CVHS who are eligible to register and cast a vote in the election. By the time of the upcoming election in California, the majority of CVHS seniors will be eighteen and legally allowed to register to vote.

“I keep up with the elections. I follow Clinton and Sanders on Twitter, and The New York Times. Social media is why I’m really informed,” said senior Emiko Yamamoto who is eligible to vote.