“I can’t give enough praise for Rae Talbot”

On Castro Valley Boulevard, right by the village, there’s a tiny salon called Rae Talbot. You may ask “Why does this matter?” or “So?” But let me tell you, this salon is amazing.

I discovered this tiny, modern, chic, fancy, totally un-Castro-Valley salon several months ago, but never had a reason to get anything done.

When Winterball came around the corner, however,  I knew I had to do something amazing with my hair and makeup. After scouring Yelp, I came upon the positive reviews for Rae Talbot. I then walked into the salon, booked an appointment easily, was told to find pictures of what I had in mind for my hair and makeup, and to come back the day of Winterball.

Fast forward to the morning of Jan. 11. I got up, got ready, and went to Rae Talbot. Immediately, I’m asked if I want anything to drink, and was told to sit comfortably while the stylists got ready. The staff were polite, talkative, professional, and very helpful. They were patient with me when I was flustered over the makeup, and styled my hair perfectly with my dress.

It took two hours, but the end result was worth it. They did my makeup with products I didn’t even know I should use. They didn’t hurt my head when they curled, pinned, and finally sewed my hair into a loose updo.

The makeup and hair all went perfectly with my dress. It cost about $100 in total, but don’t let the prices scare you off. The professional attitude and great atmosphere is definitely worth the price.

I can’t give enough praise for Rae Talbot. I never felt as grown up and classy as I did with all of their help. Five starts out of five!

Evan Kwong

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