“The Resettled” will raise awareness for refugees

The international refugee crisis arrives in Castro Valley, in the form of “The Resettled.” The Castro Valley Community Alliance is hosting this half-hour documentary in addition to a discussion on immigration in general at the Castro Valley Library from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 10.

“The Resettled” tells  the lives of American refugees and issues they continue to face daily. It presents immigration from the perspective of these people. The following panel discussion welcomes participation from anybody who is 11 years old or more, so long as it is “frank, honest, and respectful” about experiences faced by immigrants and refugees.

The Castro Valley Community Alliance is a group of students, families, and other community members supportive of “compassion, understanding, and acceptance.” They envision a diverse, inclusive community in which all are treated with respect.

They had previously hosted a poetry-art slam last November, with the theme of unity, and are also involved in Castro Valley High School’s Season of Service, Period of Peace(SOSPOP) activities. This panel discussion is one of several in a series, relating to equality and social justice. Past films shown include “One Survivor Remembers,” “Viva La Causa,” and “Lives Worth Living,” among others.

Additional attendants are always welcome and encouraged to join the viewing and discussion, even if unfamiliar with the group or the Castro Valley community.

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