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Dexter – America’s favorite serial killer

ShowTime’s four-time Emmy-nominated TV series Dexter is exciting, twisted, and drama-filled, and captures the demented minds of American people. Five-time Golden Globe-nominee Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a bloodstain pattern analyst who works for the Miami Metro Police Department, but at the same time secretly kills serial killers.

The show debuted Oct. 6, 2006 and it is currently in its sixth season. There are rumors that there will be a seventh season.

What separates Dexter from normal serial killers is that Dexter only kills people who have committed murders and were never convicted. In the eyes of Dexter, he is serving justice to those who hid from the law.

To society, Dexter appears to be a humble quiet man, which aids him in getting close to the killers he has targeted to kill. Yet at the same time Dexter is also trying to raise his young son, Harrison, as a single father. His wife was murdered by Trinity, a serial killer Dexter has since eliminated. At all costs he tries to keep his serial killing away from his son.

With Dexter’s sister, Deb, working at the police department as well, it’s difficult to keep the line drawn between his two lives. He goes through more disputes and has close encounters with his secret life being revealed.

In a past season, Dexter’s accomplice, Lumin, was the sole survivor of the Barrel-girls killer, and together she and Dexter give him what he deserves. As they believe it was another successful kill, Dexter’s sister shows up on the scene to investigate. Dexter and Lumin are trapped, only thinking that this is the end. With just a plastic sheet hanging from the ceiling concealing their identities, Deb enters the room, gun barred. Tension is swarming the air as she sees the dead body and as all hope is lost, she leaves understanding that the girl was getting revenge on the man who ruined her life. Both Dexter and Lumin’s identities are safe for now.

In the current season, the police are trying to solve the case of the Doomsday Killer, but if the police fail in capturing the murderer, Dexter will take matters into his own hands.

We get a look inside the mind of Dexter as we hear his contorted thoughts. This show appeals to the dark side of humanity that is seeking vengeance and awaiting karma upon others. Dexter is easily America’s favorite serial killer