Paranormal Activity 3 will leave audiences petrified

If you are looking for a horror film with a dash of humor, then Paranormal Activity 3 is the movie for you. Paranormal Activity 3 is the third installment of the horror film franchise Paranormal Activity. It is also the prequel to both Paranormal 1 and 2. One downside of the movie is that if you haven’t seen Paranormal 1 or 2, then it will be difficult for you to follow and understand certain parts of the movie. The movie explains why the sisters Katie and Kristi act the way they do in the previous movies. It also explains some of the reasons for the supernatural presence that takes place later in the sisters’ lives. The movie also incorporates a few new characters, including a coworker friend, a teenage babysitter, and Katie and Kristi’s grandmother.

The movie takes place in 1988 and shows the events that occur during Kristi’s and Katie’s childhoods. The two main characters are Kristi, played by Jessica Tyler Brown, and Katie, played by Chloe Csengery.

After a brief scene of Katie and Kristi discovering and looking through video tapes taken of them back in their childhood, the rest of the film moves to 1988. Katie and Kristi were little girls living with their mother Julie and her boyfriend Dennis, who happens to be a videographer. Dennis is extremely interested in videotaping and sets up numerous video cameras in their home. During a scene of videotaping himself, a sudden and mysterious earthquake occurrs leaving Dennis and Julie puzzled. Dennis also discovers some mysterious activity when he later looks back at the film.

As time goes on, Dennis encounters more and more strange incidents while videotaping, which leads him to believe that supernatural occurrences are taking place in their home.

Kristi, the younger sister of the two, also has an imaginary demon friend named Toby. Kristi often talks to Toby and is firmly convinced that Toby actually exists. At the beginning, Julie tells Dennis that Kristi is just going through a phase with her imaginary friend. They become more and more suspicious of Toby’s existence, especially when they discover footage of Kristi talking to Toby at night in her bedroom.

This movie will make you hold on tight to the person next to you and the ending will definitely leave you baffled and petrified. The realistic effect and atmosphere of the movie will really grab you in and make you feel like a part of all the action.

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