“Paranormal Activity 2″ too scary to watch

It is hard to find second films of some original movie series that satisfy their fans. However, if Paranormal Activity 1 still remains as one of

the most psychologically disturbing movies of all times, you can expect the next in the series, Paranormal Activity 2, to possess your mind once again. People should definitely not expect to understand the plot if they did not watch the first movie beforehand. Overall, Director Tod William did a good job continuing the storyline and imitating first film director Oren Peli.

The appealing part of this series is that horror comes from every corner of the movie, without any dramatic music or complicated movement. The silence seems boring but knowing that something will happen, people can not lose their tension any second. Paranormal Activity 2 goes back even before the timeline from Paranormal Activity 1 and explains a missing piece.

A security system installed by a family after mysterious break-ins start to catch the moments that are unbelievable: objects fall to the ground, a door opens by itself, and all of the kitchen cabinet doors open aggressively.

This time, the focus is on the newborn baby, Hunter. A scarier atmosphere is created as the baby stares at a void space the dog is barking at. Obviously, evil wants only that baby. At some point, the scenes were confusing. I wondered if I should be scared or just laugh out loud, when the baby moved out of the bed like a human magnet attached to the crib.

In the climax of the movie, while a woman was possessed, the acting convinced audiences to believe what is it like to be possessed by unknown forces.

The movie gave a neat ending unlike the mysterious ending from Paranormal Activity 1. At the end, all story plots came together.

If you know you have a strong heart, this movie might not be a good excuse to throw popcorn in the air. But it is an enjoyable scary movie to gasp and scream at once in a while.

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