NBA 2K11’s realistic animation astounds video game players

“Become the greatest” was the quote that captured millions of fans for the new video game NBA 2K11.

Released on October 5, 2010, NBA 2K11 quickly fell off shelves in stores all across the country. They used this quote to sum up the game because it has something no other game, or someone (to be more accurate) has had for the last decade. Unarguably, the greatest basketball player to have ever stepped foot on the court, Chicago Bulls Guard Michael Jordan. MJ appears in this game along with his former teammates from the 6 championships they shared in the 90’s. Such as the second star Scottie Pippen, other star Guard John Paxson, and 7 foot Center Will Perdue. It even gives the late 90’s Chicago championship team with fan favorite Dennis “The Menace” Rodman.

Not only is the best team to ever play in the NBA in this new game but also famous retired Las Angeles Lakers like Magic Johnson and other NBA stars such as Shawn Kemp, Cedric Ceballos and Ron Harper.

You can be the greatest and play as Jordan alone in a game of “21” or you can control the whole team and go for a 7th title.

Putting retired players in a video game, (which had never been done before) was just another new aspect of this game that intrigued millions of fans around the globe.

The anticipation was rapidly building as people around the world waited to purchase this game on the day it was released. This feature easily made NBA 2K11 the most innovative game of the century.

So “become the greatest” today and buy NBA 2K11 today! (available for all major gaming consoles.)

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