POTUS Challenge is the ticket to excusing seniors’ final essays


The POTUS (Presidents of the United States) Challenge took place in teacher Kat Cassidy’s room on March 6. It consisted of a classroom full of seniors from different government classes at CVHS, competing for a chance to not have to take their final essays.

The different rounds of the challenge consist of challenging questions, all describing different presidents, which the students had to name. To advance to the next round, students would have to achieve the highest score out of all of the groups. In the event where multiple groups got equal scores, they would all move on, and the next round would commence.

This year, the competition was tougher than ever. Only one group of students was disqualified from the first round. It was the first year, ever, in which the government teachers had to think of a sixth round for the students, because three groups of students had made it far.

In the end, the teams of Emma Collins and Ally Redmond, Jon Lee and Kim Lui, and Robby King won. Lee and Lui were the outright winners, naming all the facts needed in the final round. All five students were given the free pass of not taking the final in their government classes, because of the amount of effort they put into the POTUS challenge.

“We used flash cards to prepare for the challenge,” said Lee.

“They helped a lot but it was still challenging. The hardest part had to be the fact that you had to get all of the answers correct to continue to the next round,” said Lui.

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