Jack the Giant Slayer was slayed by poor acting skills

GIANTSSSSSSIn a place between heaven and Earth, giants roam.  In the danger and hellish surrounding, director Bryan Singer manages to weave a sappy love story between a princess and a pauper. The pauper has to save the princess who is captured by perilous giants in Jack the Giant Slayer.  Of course, the princess is actually going incognito as a pauper herself.

The humor of the movie is very weak, killing instead of making moments, and the acting is quite poor.  Although the concept of combining the fairy tales Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer is fresh, how it was portrayed wasn’t.  Scenes were made to seem intense, but that was rather unsuccessful.  The film almost made up for its insignificant factors with fairly decent graphics.

I give this movie a 2.5/5, and would only recommend it to people who are bored.  It isn’t a horrible movie, but it didn’t catch my eye or my attention.  I found myself doing other things during the movie, like thinking about what else I needed to do later, instead of focusing on the plot.  The movie would be great to get lost in, but your attention would either be in the visuals, music, or plot.  Getting the whole effect was hard for me.

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