Threatening message leads to lockdown

A threatening message written on a bathroom wall in the 700 hall led to a 56-minute lockdown during third period on April 12. After school officials and law enforcement determined that there was no threat, they ended the lockdown at the end of the class period.

Ironically, this lockdown came just hours after a drill during which staff members introduced students to new procedures and responses for school shootings.

Principal Blaine Torpey later sent an email to all CVHS families, informing them of the incident, pledging to investigate further and asking parents to discourage their children from playing pranks.

Still, the lockdown rattled many teachers and students.

“I was nervous, but I felt reassured after reading the message to the staff from the principal. Up to this point, no school shooter has preceded an attack with a written warning on a bathroom wall,” said English teacher Jen Clyde.

“I was rattled, given the recent events in this country and ongoing threats in our community. It’s disturbing to think something like that could happen here,” said English teacher Amanda Staab.

Junior Phoebe Chiu was grateful that the school took the possibility of a shooter so seriously, but stressed that students should be taught that threats “are not okay, especially if it’s a joke.”

Because the investigation is still ongoing, the school has released no specific information about the graffiti, including who wrote it and what it said.

“Yes, we had a lockdown. It was a little scary but we were able to secure the campus and investigate. Sometimes students are worried that they are making a big deal out of nothing. We would rather investigate and find out that everything is okay than not investigate and miss the chance to be proactive,” said Torpey in a message to students during announcements. He urged students to report behaviors that are dangerous or violate school policies.

“Report behaviors or activities that are not aligned with our mission: to teach, to learn and to grow. You can report anything to any adult staff member, in person, by phone or by email,” said Torpey. “If you see something, say something.”

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