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Bright futures for Dominic Bolender

 “When I play, I just feel free and have fun,” said varsity soccer player Dominic Bolender.

With big dreams and hard work, Bolender has seen huge successes in his athletic career.

“I have been playing since I was three years old… I hope to make a professional soccer team when I am older,” he detailed.

Specifically, Bolender aspires to play on Liverpool F.C. a professional football club based in England and first in the Premier League.

As a sophomore, Bolender’s future is bright. He already holds many amazing titles to his name.

“One of my favorite memories is winning the national champs for NPL,” mentioned the accomplished player. Not only has he won the National Premier League (NPL) championships, but he has also managed to make NCS for the CVHS boys varsity soccer team last year as well. 

He’s playing his second year on the soccer team, so you will be catching him out on the field this winter.

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