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Girls tennis team open the season with a win

As fall sports spring back into the school year, the girls tennis team gears up for an exceptional season.

“What I hope for is that we definitely win more competitions this year but to also grow as a team. I made a lot of friends on the team so I hope that all of us can come together and be friends,” said sophomore Madisen Lee about her hopes and goals for the season. 

“I feel optimistic about the season and hope to improve my serves,” shared sophomore Arin Yang.

With fall sports kicking off the athletic program at CVHS, one can wonder how student athletes juggle academics, life outside school, and their respective sport.

“It’s kind of difficult to balance out the practices and school life, but I just need to find time to manage my homework and do practices at the same time,” said Lee.

Yang has a different approach. “It can be conflicting at times, but I don’t really juggle workload to be honest, I just procrastinate and do it on the weekend,” she jokes.

The girls varsity team won their first game against Washington High School, 4-3, winning all doubles and one singles game.

“I think it was pretty consistent and solid,” said sophomore Malia Robinson, when asked about how her match went. “I think the second half, the second set, things just stopped working, but then I got through the nerves and I started playing consistently again,” she reflected.

Out in steaming hot weather, matches and practices can stretch long into the afternoon.

“It’s very hot and I hope it gets cooler soon,” laughed senior Emily Lee. 

“Yeah, I hope it gets cooler soon but I enjoyed playing even though it was hot,” agreed senior Olivia Sharkey.

Many others share similar goals for the season. “Hopefully get to finals, WACC final tournament against all the schools,” said sophomore Kasey Mulato.

“I want to be like Emily some day,” joked Sharkey. 

Lee echoed the sentiment.  “I want to volley as good as Olivia some day.”

Robinson shared some personal goals as well. “I want to practice more than just team practices this season and still maintain getting stronger like going to the gym. I want to work on specifically being more consistent this year,” she said. 

The next match for the girls tennis team is Sept. 7, where they face Arroyo High School at home.

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  • Jonathan Robinson

    Go Trojans!

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