Girls basketball concludes on bittersweet note

A red carpet, flowers, tears, and a cheering crowd. Teammates shared bittersweet emotions in a heartfelt sendoff as the girls varsity basketball team said goodbye to their seniors at their last home game of the season. Before the game, a short bio about the past basketball history and the future college plans of the seniors were announced. From journalism to artificial intelligence, these seniors have big dreams. Jiao even plans to continue her basketball career in college, majoring in exercise science.

“I’m excited to be a senior and graduate but like a lot of my peers, it comes with bittersweet feelings… there is an un-seriousness of high school that I enjoy a lot and hope to have some of as I enter college,” said team captain Amaya Jiao.

“Knowing the seniors won’t be back to play on the team next year is hard to accept. I feel sad, but more than that, I’m so proud of each and every one of them,” said sophomore Ava Kim.

The Trojans girls lost 60-78 against the Alameda Hornets on Feb. 8. Fifth in their league, it’s been a tough season for these Trojans, with lots of new players in a new league, the season has had its ups and downs. 

Throughout the first quarter, the Trojans and Hornets were in a stalemate, with neither team gaining a significant lead over the other. The Hornets were only up by 1 point with a score of 15-16. But by halftime, the Hornets had taken off with a score of 28-34. 

All the seniors had a chance to play in the final game of their high school careers. While they gave it their all, they could not pull through, losing 60-78. 

“I feel like we fought hard, and I’m very happy that we all got the opportunity to play,” said Kim. While they may have lost the game they kept their team spirit, and spent the end of the season reminiscing on old moments and making final memories.

 Tears were shed at the end, it was an emotional time for the graduating seniors and the teammates they would leave behind.

“[Basketball] has led me to so many friendships and partnerships over the years, it is something I am passionate about, and will be tied to forever, whether or not I’m on the court,” said Jiao.

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