Lynee Sims continues to speed on varsity track team

“I love track because it keeps me going and keeps me distracted from stressful school work and helps to keep me in check with reality,” said junior track star Lynee Sims. This is Sims’ third year on the varsity track and field team and has found herself loving the long jump and the 100 meter dash.

Not only have her teammates appreciated her help on the team, so have the coaches. Both of the head track coaches have only said good words about Sims. 

Sims clarified that she prefers the long jump over the 100 meter dash and that has been her main focus this season. Her current personal record in the long jump is 18′ as the season is halfway done, but she hopes to make 19’ by the end of the season with all of the training she is doing to reach this goal. Considering she started off the season getting 17’6”, where she’s at now is very impressive.

As for the 100 meters, Sims’ personal record is currently standing at 12.7 seconds but she plans on running 12.4 soon. Although this race is very short and quick, you need a great amount of strength to be able to sprint past your opponents in such a short amount of time. 

Besides Sims’ running goals, she hopes to stay true to herself and not cut herself short when training. 

“I would like to get through high school track and be successful, leading me to go to college and run track there as well. Most importantly, I want to stay true to myself, stay true to working out, and just stay true to my confidence,” she said.  

Sims has great aspirations and dreams that can hopefully become reality.

Along with the open 100 meter dash, Sims also runs in the 4 x 100 varsity relay race. Her team got first place at a recent meet with an impressive time of 51.68 seconds. 

This junior track star has left everyone in awe of her talents and will keep up her incredible work in her next track season to come and hopefully many more.

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