Darlene Metcalfe: “she impacted so many students positively”

Darlene Metcalfe, a wonderful, caring, amazing teacher, sadly passed away on Nov. 21. Many of her students, including me, know how dedicated she was to her job, and will miss her. I had the privilege of being her student at Vannoy in fifth grade, and I will never forget how happy she always was. 

I remember in class if a student answered a question right she would throw a Starburst as a reward, and if she accidentally hit another student with the candy while throwing it, she would give that child a Starburst too. Sometimes we would even try to get hit by the Starburst on purpose. 

We played so many games together. One game I liked in particular was a silent game where after all our school work was done we would sit on top of our desks and throw a giant blue fuzzy ball around the classroom. If students dropped the ball, or made a noise they were out of the game. Sometimes this game was what I looked forward to the most at school. 

My class was particularly rambunctious because we were all close friends. Mrs. Metcalfe never got impatient with us and kept us on track. 

We did so many fun activities and went on the best field trips. We went on the “Mission to Mars” field trip where everyone played a part in helping launch a rocket ship to Mars. Mrs. Metcalfe made the field trip fun with her positive and encouraging attitude. Afterward she told us we were her best class that had gone on the field trip. 

“She always made learning fun. She was kind, easygoing, and understanding. My favorite memory is when she asked me to give a speech and when I asked her if I had to, she just said, ‘you can do it,’” explained senior Callum Standish, a former student of Ms. Metcalfe. 

I am forever grateful for everything Mrs. Metcalfe has taught me, and especially for her kindness. She has impacted so many students positively and will never be forgotten. 

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