Indoor sports resume with weekly COVID tests

Following an unfamiliar and shortened season of sports that ranged from February to April, many athletes are eager to return to this new season of sports.

This new season is much different than the previous season in the sense that yellow tier, indoor sports are permitted to return. Sports such as wrestling, water polo, soccer, volleyball, and basketball have already engaged in their first competitions for this season.

“It felt amazing coming back to action after the long wait we endured through quarantine. Despite the season being shorter, it has so far proven to keep the same excitement as the years prior,” said junior Michael Karapetyan, a varsity soccer player who scored a goal for the Trojans against Mt. Eden High School during a game on May 4. 

COVID-19 restrictions have certainly proved to have an immense impact on the way the sporting events are carried out. For example, every athlete is required to get COVID tested every week to ensure the safety of all parties. Daily COVID health screeners are required to attend practices and competitions, a necessary precaution. Masks are required at certain times throughout the competitions as well as practices. To most athletes though, these restrictions are a small price to pay for the thrill that comes with playing their sport.

“COVID restrictions definitely have been weird and made this an extremely unique season. It’s nothing I can personally control, so you got to just make the most of it and have fun,” said junior Jag Mishra, varsity basketball star.

The athletes’ eagerness to play their respective sports has been put on display this season, especially with the boys volleyball team who kickstarted the season with a win against Piedmont High School.

“It felt great to win the first game of this strange season with my teammates. It felt normal again, but it’s only one win and we still got the rest of the season to go. We executed all our gameplans perfectly and I am optimistic for the rest of the season,” said junior Elijah Hosaka.

Not only are the players reaping the benefits of the return to sports amidst this pandemic, but coaches are as well. In order to deal with the COVID restrictions and the lack of players trying out this year, coaches are doing their best to adapt to current situations.

“The name of the game this year is flexibility. We have to be ready to adapt to changing practice times and game schedules. Players need to be able to play multiple positions at a moment’s notice. Overall, though, it just feels good to be playing volleyball,” said boys volleyball coach Eric Unti.

Amidst COVID restrictions and this unprecedented start to this sports season, the CVHS Trojan athletes are prospering, despite all the hardships coming their way. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, water polo, and all the other sports running this season all possess Trojan athletes who are keen to represent the school and possibly get a few wins along the way. 

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  • May 21, 2021 at 11:55 pm

    Even through all the obstacles that COVID has thrown at us as we all counted out sports, I’m so happy that we managed to have most sports seasons even if it was last minute.

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