Go around the world with Virtual Pops concert

This year, CVHS Choir will continue to put on the annual Pops concert, but this time it will be virtual. The choir students are currently hard at work preparing their songs and dances which will be live-streamed on May 22.

The theme for this year is “A Ticket Around the World” which will be represented through various artists and songs about different cultures or traveling. 

“Pops this year takes you to places like New York, Miami and even Africa,” said Pops director Adrienne Yen.

Like many other activities this year, choir had to compromise to accommodate a virtual concert. 

“Time was definitely one of our main difficulties,” junior Camila Sacramento said. “Usually, we would start rehearsing for pops months and months before the show but this year, we were on a time crunch and started rehearsing just around last month.” 

The performances will be recorded and edited by professional editors before being streamed on the CVHS Choir YouTube channel. 

Another difficulty the singers face is the split classes between in-person and fully virtual groups. Since the dances have to be coordinated in-person, choir had to plan to overcome such obstacles. 

“Connecting the whole choir program both remote and in person students is important because we want everyone to be included,” Sacramento commented. 

The Pops concert is a popular event at CVHS and amongst choir students.

“I look forward to it every year and it’s so fun meeting new people and learning new things,” said Sacramento.  

Yen added that she is most excited for “seeing the final product. As a director, you work with individuals and get to see the behind the scenes of spotlights, small groups and even dance numbers.”

Even though a virtual concert isn’t the same as a performance in front of a live audience, te choir continues to work hard to put on a great show with great vocals.

“I really hope that despite this rough year, we’re able to give some hope to students, parents and just anyone watching, that we’ll be able to travel the world again someday soon,” Yen said.

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