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Cynthia Le swims her way to success

From being on the varsity swim team since her freshman year, junior Cynthia Le is a swimmer who stands out amongst her peers.

When Le was younger she started taking lessons until her coaches persuaded her to join a club team. She has been swimming with the team East Bay Bat Rays for the past nine years.

Outside of the high school team, Le is an athletic representative who takes care of conference calls, works on a diversity committee, and wants to change the face of her swim league. She takes pride in a program she is creating to bridge the gap between age groups.

But her true passion for the sport is also evident in the way she trains.

“Swimming on a club team is all about individuality. It’s exciting to do sprint based workouts over yardage and distance. However I enjoy the high school team because it’s more about winning as a team in dual meets,” Le states.

Le usually competes in the 100 freestyle (her best time is 57 seconds) and the more challenging 200 freestyle (personal best of 2 minutes and 7 seconds).

Le explains she is sad to see her senior teammates go away, but is excited to be swimming with some new faces doing what she loves, and being a resource outlet for all.