Athlete of the Month: Edward Wang

What does top-ranked tennis player Edward Wang love most about his sport? It’s the power of the racquet.

“I think my favorite thing about tennis is just hitting really satisfying shots. Kind of like getting to break things except you are not really breaking anything,” said Wang.

Playing since the age of six, he attributes most of his success to long hours and lots of practice.

“Before high school tennis I played in a lot of tournaments. I won a couple and have a whole rack of trophies,” he said.

Wang also played team tennis as part of a youth group at Chabot College. “We went to (Los Angeles) and we won in 2015, and we went to Fresno in 2016 and we got third,” he said.

Wang is now the number one player on the CVHS varsity team, which consists of ten players.

“Edward always gives advice to newer or lower ranking players who look to him as the best,” said teammate Scott Coleman.

Wang credits his coaches and teammates for helping him succeed.

“We play well. We usually end up placing second or third in the league. That’s pretty nice. The community, the coaches are great. . . . We have a good time. Just, a bigger budget would be nice. Everything else is pretty great,” Wang said, adding that he would like to increase the budget to pay for better transportation and equipment, such as balls and nets.

In the future, Wang hopes to play competitively in college.

“I have been debating between playing casually or competitively in college, but I’d like to play competitively,” he said.  “I would like to improve my national ranking and universal tennis rating.”

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