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Team edges Dragons in close game

In the pouring rain and 50 degree weather, the girls varsity soccer team beat Bishop O’Dowd on Jan. 24, 2-1. The night was full of excitement and joy.

“Our goals were to play together as a team and not as individuals and another goal was to stay focused throughout the whole game,” said junior Daniela Vallejo.

The first point was scored by sophomore Myla Ogle. The second was scored by senior Alyssa Vigallon.

“Since I’m a sophomore and it’s my second year playing them, I feel like this year we really just put everything into it and we worked the ball around them. We really put 100 percent into it,” said Ogle.

Another aspect to this unforgettable game was the weather.

“Oh, my God, it was so cold. I thought I was going to get hypothermia. We couldn’t really see, but as a team we had to push through it,” said Amaya Tomlinson, senior, when asked about playing in the freezing rain.