Anti-bullying campaign starts at CVHS

The CVHS Teacher-Librarian Terri Bucklin has recently introduced an Anti Bullying Coalition (ABC) to CVHS.  The ABC is a student led group designed to develop anti-bullying programs in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools.  Members of the coalition will have discussions against bullying and try to raise awareness.
For the remainder of the school year, the coalition will meet to plan programs for next year.  The coalition will take its full effect next year.  Anyone can join as long as they come and talk to Bucklin in the library.  The first meeting of the coalition will take place next week.
For the last two years, Bucklin has been researching different types of bullying so that the coalition can use that research in its fight against bullying.

“I hope this program will help students understand how hurtful bullying can be and that this become a school of no tolerance for bullying,” said Bucklin.

The library will also contain books and DVDs for people who just want to know more about bullying and how to deal with bullies without joining the coalition. There will also be a Stop Bullying Pledge for people to come in and sign.


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