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Tenia Landrum runs her way to success

The sound of your heart pounding in your ears. The feeling of sweat running down your forehead. The smell of gravel being kicked up by your feet. The taste of blood in your mouth from dehydration. All of these are things that go hand in hand with playing a competitive sport, something that senior Tenia Landrum understands very well.

Landrum has been running track and field for about six years now, and working hard to improve each year. She’s broken school records for the 100 and 200 meter races, with times fast enough to put her in the running for North Coast Section, 12.16 and 25.31 seconds respectively.

Landrum is also at the top of the team when it comes to other field events like high jump and long jump. She leads the girls varsity team in both long jump and high jump, coming very close to breaking school records, and placing in the top ten in NCS.

“Tenia has been nothing short of an amazing talent,” said coach Dooney Jones. “Over the years, she has displayed the desire to be the best athlete possible.”

Sprint coach Dash Oliver also sings her praises. “I’ve only been coaching here for a few months, and Tenia’s talent stood out immediately. At practice she competes with the boys (and beats them).”

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) also sees the deep passion within Landrum to always be the best, the strive to work hard and give 110 percent, even on the rainy days. The Rebels recruited her and she’s decided to join them next year.

“UNLV is getting a very versatile athlete, and we look forward to seeing her success on the track,” Oliver said.

Her future plans at UNLV are to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology, and to keep competing and improving on the track.

When questioned about the reason she chose UNLV over other schools interested in her, Landrum said, “It was the best fit for me, for both academics and track with a little bit of fun on the side.”

However, moving to Las Vegas will not be an easy thing. Landrum knows she will miss all of the close friends she has made over the years, as well as all of her coaches who have pushed to her limits.